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Wellness Workshops

Bringing Yoga, Relaxation & Nutrition to your office.
Neat Computer Desk

Body Reset At Desk

Don't have the space for a fitness class? No problem. We have a workshop designed to help employees stretch right at their desks!


Group Exercise

Have space to offer a class to your employees? Whether you're looking for an energizing class or something to help relax & reboot we've got a workshop that will fit your needs!


Nourishing Boost

Want to learn what foods are best for brain health? This workshop discusses how nutrition, quality of sleep and lifestyle choices determine longevity. Keep your employees alert, healthy and energized!



Fascia is the body's large connective tissue that continuously runs from head to toe. This workshop helps to rehydrate and release adhesions within the fascia so that the body can become free from aches and pains!

Yoga Mat and Straps

Spinal Realigning
Tips & Techniques

In this workshop we'll briefly discuss the anatomy of the spine and common issues/complaints. We'll then flow through a series of therapeutic movements that will leave your back feeling fully refreshed!

Stressed Woman

Immune System


New England winter takes its toll on our immune system. In this workshop we'll discuss how the immune system functions, what causes it to weaken and we'll go through movements, massage techniques and food choices to keep us fighting those winter blues with success!

Rock Balancing

Mindful vs. Mind-full

Do you constantly feel tired? Does your mind race and feel overly distracted? This workshop discusses the effects that stress has on our nervous system and introduces meditation and breathing techniques to bring balance.

*If you want to combine topics or want to add something that we don't have listed please reach out to us and we can custom design a workshop for your office!

Be Well + Rise

keeping wellness simple.​

Wellness doesn't have to be overwhelming. We're on a mission to create a space that feels natural. A place for people to feel better connected to their mind + bodies.

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