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Corporate Wellness

Health, brought right to your office.
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Be Well & Rise has a selection of corporate wellness classes that can be brought directly to your office. Each class is specifically tailored to company needs and the demographics of each individual workplace. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and are designed to leave employees feeling recharged, refocused and ready to take on their workload. Our company specializes in stress reduction activities and our classes are generally designed to reverse tensions in the body and mind. Contact Us today to see how you can bring wellness to your workplace.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, companies with corporate wellness programs cut healthcare costs anywhere from 20 to 55 percent.


·Relieves postural tightness from extended periods of sitting

·Reduces stress & fatigue

·Improves overall health

·Enhances focus & concentration

-Promotes a healthy work environment


Not sure if your staff would be interested in wellness activities? A workshop is a great way to introduce these activities in the workplace! Create a team building and health initiative that shows your employees you care for their health and wellbeing.  This workshop is designed to introduce employees to the benefits of mindful movement, especially how it positively counters the effects of sitting at the office. Additional information will be provided on how to reduce stress levels, Increase mental clarity, mitigate lower back & neck pain and develop positive employee interactions.


-Improves office productivity

-Inspires creativity & teamwork by introducing a new activity

-Reduces healthcare costs by focusing on wellness

-Creates supportive employee interaction

-Improves morale & job satisfaction

*Individual sessions may be purchased. Discounts are available for quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly classes and workshops
*Yoga mats and props can be provided at additional cost.
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