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Private Lessons

A Personal Approach to Wellness

Yoga can be a very helpful tool for mitigating pain in the body. However, when working with the complexities of the body some poses that are beneficial for one condition could in turn be harmful towards another. Private lessons can be the perfect solution to finding out what works best for your body.

Here are some key benefits of private lessons:

-One-on-one attention to your movements can be a great introduction to the healing benefits of yoga. 

-Working with a professional can help you understand your body mechanics and introduce you to postures that work best for you & in some cases postures that should be avoided.

-Attention to proper alignment as well as instruction on linking breath to movements will set you off on the right path to recovery.

- Lessons leave the new practioner confident in their movements and leaves them better equip to take classes at their local studio. 

Be Well + Rise

keeping wellness simple.​

Wellness doesn't have to be overwhelming. We're on a mission to create a space that feels natural. A place for people to feel better connected to their mind + bodies.

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