Common Symptoms​:

  • Breathing problems. Severe kyphosis can put pressure on the lungs.

  • Limited physical functions- weakened back muscles can make it difficult to gaze upward or drive. Can cause pain when you lie down.

  • Digestive problems. Severe kyphosis can compress the digestive tract, causing problems such as acid reflux and difficulty with swallowing.

  • Body image problems. 

Kyphosis is a diagnosis that occurs when the thoracic spine has an exaggerated forward curve . The vertebrae of a healthy spine are shaped like cylinders stacked in a column and Kyphosis occurs when the vertebrae are more wedge shaped. 

Often times no symptoms occur besides a visible hunch of the upper back.  

Common Causes: 

  • Osteoporosis

  • Disc Degeneration

  • Birth Defects

Normal    vs.    Kyphosis

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