Tuesday's 8:00am

Join in for a beginner appropriate Hatha yoga class at Easton Yoga Center. This slow moving class introduces breath to movement connection and helps relieve body tension. click below to sign up for a class!

Wed's 12:10pm

A midday yoga class for Faculty, Staff & Students of Stonehill College. Designed to increase flexibility and relieve stress. Located in the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex in the dance studio Rm. 118 

Sunday's 8:00am

Join in (alternating weeks) for a Stretch & Flow class at 8:00am. Start your Sunday morning off right with a slow flowing class that is designed to increase flexibility and relieve tension. Suitable for beginners.

Sunday's 9:30am

Join in for a Beginner class (alternating weeks) at 9:30am. Class is designed to introduce the mindbody benefits of yoga to those just starting out. Located at Easton Yoga Center. Visit site for more details.